Pulse Fingertip Oximeter Blood Oxygen SpO2 Monitor

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How to ensure measurement accuracy? We recommend the doctor's finger, middle and index fingers according to the position of the monitor. If the oxygen-saturated device and the heart are at the same level, the measurement result is optimal. If the movement is too fast, it will affect the accuracy. Try to stay still while waiting to read. Avoid manicure fingers and long claws that are used for reading. Your fingers should not get wet at all.

Products functions introduce:
Discovery of oxygen in blood in extreme sports and low-oxygen environments,
Real-time blood oxygen detection by athletes helps to understand athletes' blood
A large amount of circulation after training to lead the designation to athletes
Amount of training. For climbing and climbing, people must also bring an oxygen meter With them.
Through the blood's oxygen detection, problems with oxygen transport to
the blood or pre-supply can be found to avoid damage to the body due to cyanosis
Due to mountain reflection Resistant to ambient light interference
Suitable for special environments such as dark room strong light, automatic brightness
adjustment system allow users to view the measurement results more clearly